a livable future for
our grandchildren
a just and equitable climate transition
to conserve glaciers, habitats and biodiversity
We're solving the climate crisis at the root:
by capturing CO2. Our breakthrough carbon capture technology is cost-effective and scalable.
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WHY Carbon removal

The race to net zero

Carbon capture can be used to in two ways: decarbonize hard-to-abate industry and carbon dioxide removal. Both are necessary to untangle the climate crisis. Our technology is versatile enough to serve the needs of everyone seeking to do their part.

How it works

The new way of carbon capture

Our patented technology circles liquid sorbent through the system, capturing CO2 efficiently. The captured CO2 is either permanently stored or utilized in carbon neutral or negative products.

  1. Low cost, modular, scalable
a team of motivated scientists, entrepreneurs and engineers
Paul Teufel
Steffen Garbe
7 FTEs, 4 PTEs
1 Team
Malte Feucht
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